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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions.
If you have more questions feel free to contact us.

  • What is WX Templates?
    WX Templates provides High Quality Multi-Purpose, Mobile ready Wix template for Business, Freelancers and personal use.
  • Can i customize my template?
    Yes! Your Wix template is fully costumizable. You can custumize it how ever you want to match your business and brand. One of the many many benefits of using the Wix platform :)
  • Can I use my Wix website on another platform?
    No, our templates can only be used on the Wix Platform.
  • After I receive my template what do i need to do to launch my website?
    You can instantly take your website online however we recommended you to upgrade your website with a Wix Premium Plan.
  • Are images & icons included in the templates?
    Yes, the images & icons that are on the Wix servers are included. Some of the templates include licensed stock vector images & icons which are not included with your purchase. However if you're interested in one of the images or icons, we can provide you with the sources.
  • Can you help me with customizing my website?
    Yes we can! You can always hire a WixNerd to help you out.
  • I'm a freelancer, can I purchase your templates to use for my clients?"
    Of course! Please contact us and we will help you get the theme you need.
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